Rimmel London Eye Shadow Crayon (009 Blamed Blue)

Rimmel London Eye Shadow Crayon (009 Blamed Blue)

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Today I am coming back with a post on Rimmel London Eye Shadow Crayon (009 Blamed Blue). I really loved this particular product because this the first time I am using such an amazing eye crayon. The last time I used a crayon was on a sheet of paper fifteen years ago 😛 😛 so this was an absolutely new experience for me.

Brand: Rimmel London

Product: Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Crayon

Shade: 009 Blamed Blue

Quantity: 3.25 gm

Price: 11.25$

Price in India: Rs 415

I purchased the Rimmel London Eye Shadow Crayon (009 Blamed Blue) from the Rimmel outlet of a nearby shopping mall. It’s not that I was looking for this particular shade or color. While browsing through the Rimmel products, the crayon suddenly caught my eye and I was drawn to it in seconds like a moth to a flame! This is actually the first time that I have purchased something from Rimmel London and after using it, my respect for the brand has increased by a mile.

Blamed Blue
Blamed Blue

This a peacock blue shade by the thought of which, just imagine a how beautiful that color is on a peacock. The crayon stick is buttery soft and melts on your eyes. It glides smoothly along the length of your eyelids and a single or double swipe is enough to give you the smokey eyes that you crave so much. The color stick has a very high precision and accuracy while application and is totally smudge proof. This shade is only one in nine or ten( not sure 🙁 ) colors that make the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes collection and you can check ’em all out if you haven’t done so yet. This versatile product is extremely long lasting and may last for as long as 10 hours with a glossy and luminous finish!

Rimmel Blamed Blue with Maybelline Baby Lips (Tropical Punch)
Rimmel Blamed Blue with Maybelline Baby Lips (Tropical Punch)

However there is also a huge downside which I am quite sure many of you are aware of. The beautiful and chubby pencil must be sharpened :'( :'( . It makes my eyes watery to see so much product go to waste on being sharpened. Finding a jumbo sharpener is also a real headache and Rimmel should be keeping it in their outlets. Otherwise, this is one of those products that has really given me a sense of ecstasy and made me stare into the mirror for a long time just to witness the blush that I get from looking at the way my smokey eyes look!

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