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Hope ya’ll are doing well! I recently did a collaboration with Tanya from Belles Makeup and I did a DIY on how I use cucumber and grated potato to remove dark circles from under our eyes and she did a post on Patanjali Ubtan in this post. Please have a look at my article by clicking on this link!

The following is a guest post by Tanya from on the different ways she uses Patanjali Ubtan in her day to day life!

Patanjali is a brand that we are all accustomed with by now. Baba Ramdev has set the nation on fire by his affordable products and massive success within a few years. He has all sorts of products under his banner which ranges from skin care to hair care to even make up. Kitchen and health care products are also making their mark present with them. Personally I have no issues in admitting the fact that I am a big Patanjali fan and have tried almost all of their products. Honestly, some have worked for me while others have been a miss. Among all the products that I swear by in the brand, Patanjali ubtan comes in my Top 3 list. I just simply love the product not only because of this excellent ingredient list but also beacuse of its affordability and effectiveness. Ubtans can be used in a variety of ways and so in this post I will be talking about 5 ways in which we can use the Patanjali ubtan for our skin.

1. As a face wash for dry skin:

Very few face washes are there in the market that suits dry skin and prevents ot from drying further. I face this problem personally and so I feel the pain. But not to worry ladies! Patanjali ubtan can be used in a number of ways and one among them is as a face wash for dry skin.
Mix some gulab jal or rose water with the ubtan and form a thick paste like consistency. Apply it and then rub gently. Wash off with plain water.
Your skin will be fresh and glowing instantly.

2. As a scrub

Using patanjali ubtan as a scrub is the easiest one among all. Just mix it with water and apply it all over the face and neck area. Scrub for 2 mins and wash off. You will be left with a clean and nourished face.

3. As a face mask for nourishment

Ubtans are generally considered as a great face mask for all age groups. It is an ancient Indian tradition to apply ubtan to make skin nourished and bright.
Patanjali ubtan can also be an ubtan that can be used for nourishment of the skin.
Mixing curd and butter with Patanjali ubtan and applying it can visibly reduce dryness of the skin and can help skin look nourished and young. It also adds the required amount of softness and smoothness to the skin.

4. As a tan removal agent

Tanning or discolouration of skin is really a problem among all the people of India specially girls. Uneven skin tone is not at all flattering and it is also very hard to get rid of all the darkness. But a magical recipe using Patanjali ubtan can surely bring back your lost colour and make you look even.
Simply add 2 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of tomato juice to 2 tabelspoon of patanjali ubtan. Add raw milk or rose water as needed. Mix it well and apply all over the face and neck. Keep on for 20 mins and then wash off with cold or lukewarm water.
You can see visible difference in a week.

5. As a fairness agent

Fairness is a long debated subject in India. While I personally don’t favour any skin tone, it is definitely important to get a natural glow to the skin and make the skin look visibly radiant. Patanjali ubtan also has a role in this.
Mix orange peel powder or raw orange juice to 2 table spoon of patanjali ubtan to make a paste. Add half a tea spoon of curd and honey and make a smooth paste. Apply for 15 mins and wash off. Repeat this twice a week.
You can see visible glow on the skin within a month. You can try this before a big event to have that natural radiance without any harmful chemicals.

So these were my techniques of using the Patanjali ubtans. Hope it will be useful for all the people out there who are looking out for something that can be multi-purpose yet affordable.

So these were some of the ways Tanya makes use of Patanjali Ubtan! I am sure many of you found this quite useful. Tanya from Belles Makeup is an amazing blogger and she actually has quite a few DIYs on her blog. Please do check that out!


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