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5 Different Yet Simple Ways To Use Lemon

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If I ask you to think about five fruits that work miracles with your body by energizing and replenishing you with nutrients, I am sure “lemons” will figure somewhere in your list! Lemons are not the most commonly used citrus fruit for nothing, right? Lemon is stuffed with loads of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that has benefits ranging from preventing asthma, fighting cancer, reducing the risk of a stroke to boosting your overall immune system.  Keeping all these in mind I have brought to you 5 different yet simple ways to use lemon.

5 Different Yet Simple Ways To Use Lemon

Let me explore few of the interesting ways you can add a little lemon in your life!

1. To help with shedding excess weight

This is the first of the 5 different yet simple ways to use lemon. A lot of articles and magazines talk of conclusive proof of how well lemon works on our overall system. The liver is the central organ for controlling digestion, metabolism and toxin removal. Lemon has a great effect on the liver as it helps in blood purification and liver cleansing.


 Well, grab a lemon and squeeze half of it into a glass full of lukewarm water.  Then, add a tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Honey helps reduce your food cravings all through the day and lemon helps in healthy weight loss.  Along with it, exercising and walking is also at least for at least 30 minutes a day.


 Prepare and consume the mixture on an empty stomach every morning.

2. To expedite dandruff reduction

Lemon is stuffed with the goodness of antioxidants, vitamin C, and citric acid that acts as an anti-fungal agent along with balancing the pH level of the scalp.  It is quite a powerful dandruff combating tool.


Take any particular oil of your choosing in a container. It may be any hair oil that is appropriate for your hair. Squeeze a whole lemon into it and mix it well. With the help of cotton ball, apply the mixture carefully on your scalp. Leave it for an hour after which use your favorite shampoo to wash it off and use conditioner after that.


According to my experience, repeating the process for at least twice a week will reduce dandruff and make your hair silky and smooth.

3. To reduce pimples and acne

The citric acid renders an antiseptic property to lemons that kill harmful bacteria and reduce skin redness in a pimple or acne affected region. It also removes excess oil from the skin and can thus be used as an effective tool for acne removal


Squeeze a bit of lemon juice into a small container. Use a cotton ball to apply the juice on the affected region.  After the wetness of the juice is gone and you feel that the affected region is dry, use regular water to wash it.


Doing this regularly will help reduce pimples and acne by drying them up and finally eliminating them from your skin altogether.

4. To soften your beautiful hands

There are so many of us who wished their hands were softer. Sometimes certain occupational hazard might lead to rough and tough hands. There is nothing to worry as you can use a simple slice of lemon to soften and brighten your tired hands!


Take a slightly large container of lukewarm water. The size of the container is important as you have to dip your hands into it. Squeeze a slice of lemon into the water and dip your hands into it. Now use that slice of lemon to rub the tough regions of your hand while your hand is inside the container of warm water. After taking your hands out of the water, dry it with a clean cloth and apply a nice hand cream. I had given a review on The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream which you can try.


This is a simple process and doing this regularly for 5 to 7 minutes will make a lot of difference.

5. To remove tan from elbows, knees, and feet

The acidic nature of lemon reduces the melanin in your darker regions like elbows, feet and knees that give them a brighter look!


Take a slice of lemon and use it to rub it on your feet, elbows or knees. That’s it. No need for pricey commercial products when we have mother nature to our rescue, right?


This is also a  simple process and doing this regularly for 5 to 10 minutes will make your areas bright and soft again.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I have used all these methods before and they really work. There may be plenty of other ways to use lemons or any other fruits or veggies and it’s a good thing I believe as long as it keeps us away from chemical and artificially made substances. So do comment and let me know if there are other innovative ways you use lemons in your daily life below and do let me know if you have any other topics you want me to do a post on!

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